Bal Vikas Kendra is an institute initiated by NSS Trivandrum Taluk Union, to cater to the needs of children in need of special care.

The institute caters to the needs of children in need of special care. The institute now works in association with the noted NGO, Swasthi Foundation and Indian Medical Association (Trivandrum) in three distinct spheres

Balavikas Special School has designed the care on three specific platforms

  1. Health Watch and Care:: The special needs of every child are often unique .The Balvikas Team of Doctors, prescribe to these unique requirements, avoiding generalization, analyse the need of each child, devise cure or care, and monitor the child’s progress. This team of highly experienced doctors comprising of doctors from all specialties keep an accurate report on the progress and advise timely changes to any regime that is being followed as required.
  2. Social Assimilation: The purpose of any education is to carve an individual a niche in the society to fit into. The children of this institute will be scrutinized, their abilities analysed and enhance, thus giving them a clear pathway into his or her future. Balvikas plans the child’s curriculum in keeping with the special needs and facilitates a career for the child that he or she is ideally suited for. In short it will be education with purpose
  3. Unearthing Latent Talents: Within every soul dwells a talent that may not be evident. It has been noted